Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fishing (for quotes) with John

Yesterday I did a phone interview with John Lydon for The A.V. Club. I asked him about the imminent PiL reunion tour. He started talking about Alcatraz and Zen rock gardens and fixing his roof and how he likes to get drunk and listen to his own records. Awesome.

The whole experience reminded me of this American Bandstand clip, one of the weirdest, coolest moments in TV history. Best part: When Lydon gets all up in the camera and uses some nasal spray. Second best part: When Jah Wobble introduces himself as THE Jah Wobble...


  1. Oh thankyou Jason for this. I enjoyed it especially after the recording part was mocked by PIL. Never saw it b4 either, well since that was one of those years I didn't own a TV...too busy with my art to bother with network entertainment crap...but not much was going on after Mary Hartman Mary Hartman at the time, cool blog too

  2. Thanks, my pleasure! (And I can totally relate to the non-TV years... I went about three years without one once. It was an odd three years.)