Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And I'm blogging in a most peculiar way...

My new feature--a brief history of science-fiction-themed albums--just want live over at Clarkesworld. Granted, it's an extremely brief history--and I'm already kicking myself for leaving off Janelle Monae's awesome The ArchAndroid--but I think think the article came it pretty rad. Plus, I'll take any excuse to write about the Jonzun Crew.

In related news: My new blog for Tor.com will be starting soon. It's called Frequency Rotation, and it'll be a weekly rundown of a different science-fiction/fantasy-themed song. As for the first geeky jam I'll be covering, I'll give you a hint: I took the title of the blog from the song's lyrics. Guess now or forever hold your peace. No Googling! Winner gets a lovingly handcrafted wedgie.

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