Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cons and events: 2012

I'll be doing some readings, blabbing on some panels, and attending some conventions this year. Here's what I have lined up so far. Holy crap, it's more than I thought! (If the stars align, I may also try to make one of the following this year: World Horror Convention, Dragon*Con, or Readercon. Fingers crossed...)

February 18: A reading with Jesse Bullington and Stephen Graham Jones at Broadway Book Mall/Who Else Books. (Denver)

March 23-25: Anomaly Con. Among the guests: Ekaterina Sedia and Genevieve Valentine. (Denver)

April 16: A reading during a World Book Night pre-party at Tattered Cover Book Store on Colfax. (Denver)

April 20-22: A reading at Wax Trax Records' 33 1/3 Party. Not sure exactly what day I'll be reading, and it'll probably be next door to Wax Trax at Kilgore Books. (Denver)

June 5: Lighthouse Lit Fest: Writing With a Gun to Your Head, a salon discussion with Julie Kazimer and Mario Acevedo at Lighthouse Writers Workshop. (Denver)

June 15-17: Denver Comic Con and Literary Conference. (Denver)

August 30-September 3: Worldcon 70. (Chicago)

October 19-21:
MileHiCon 44. (Denver)

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  1. It's been a very very long time Jason but this is Marisa formerly of the Denver
    And Boulder music scene circa 2002. I needed to let you know that I was scanning the Portland Public Libraries e-book database and discovered that you had written a book and had it published by the publishers of my favorite Austen classics! I checked it out & am enjoying it immensely! Congrats on your success!