Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey, so: I recently started writing for this new site called NSFW Corp. Lots of irreverent-to-scathing political/cultural journalism. I've written a few pieces so far on topics like Mitt Romney, Jesse Jackson Jr., SNAP cuts, Obama-nacht, the Aurora shooting, Game of Thrones, and my dream showdown between The Nuge and The Boss. However: It is not free. Subscriptions are $3/month. If you're curious enough to try it out, I'd be stoked to hear what you had to say. Hell, if you hate it, I'll give you three bucks out of my own pocket. One nickel at a time, of course.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Elric ink

I love Elric. The archetypal antihero created by fantasy legend Michael Moorcock has become iconic since his inception over 50 years ago, but he's always resonated with me in deeper ways. So much so that I've been getting a sleeve of Elric tattoos done over the past few months. Here's the centerpiece--based on one of Steve Ellis' illustrations from Del Rey's recent Elric reprint series. I'll post more as the sleeve progresses (courtesy of the incredibly talented Patrick Shackley at Monarch Tattoo Studio in Denver. And if you haven't yet had the profound pleasure of immersing yourself in Elric's rich, heady, subversive mythos, may I humbly suggest you rectify that?

Monday, July 2, 2012

New blog entry on

Jeremy L. C. Jones over at BookLifeNow had me write up a little blog entry on my novel, Taft 2012. In the blog, I call the book "a decently informed piece of bullshit"--yet I say that in a loving way! Sometimes my sense of humor falls a little on the self-deprecating side. By that I mean, I SUCK. Thanks, BookLifeNow, for letting me suck on you. Um, so to speak.