Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fiction sale: 'The Prospect" to M-Brane

M-Brane SF -- a cool, young science-fiction publication -- just accepted a story of mine titled "The Prospect" for its April issue. It's got a broken-down spaceship, a JFK video, hot shower sex, and a cadaver or two, plus nods to John Carpenter's Dark Star and Ray Bradbury's classic story, "Kaleidoscope." It also might provide a sick laugh or two to anyone who's seen a certain cheesy blockbuster starring Ben Affleck as an ersatz astronaut...


  1. YES to this. Congrats!

    ETA--the capcha for this was "beverfst"--you've got some smutty spam protection, son.

  2. Thanks, Jesse! As for the capcha: I paid extra for that.