Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sold: "The Name of Calvin" to New Myths

I just made my twelfth short fiction sale -- a folk tale called "The Name of Calvin." It'll by published by New Myths on June 1. So glad this one got picked up... It's an odd little story written in a weird frame of mind after digesting too much Italo Calvino one evening (hence the title). Woohoo! The bad news is, I'm down to just five finished stories that I'm shopping around right now. A couple more are very close to being done, but I'd better get on them shits, pronto.

1 comment:

  1. "Was". Was?

    And Tuyet is looking for an asst. editor. Wow. I trust this has all happened for good reasons (as in, good for you...)

    You are - for real - an inspiration to 37 y/o NHS dropout Pisces-townies everywhere.

    Now I just need to work on my encyclopedic knowlege of books, music, and pop culture...